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Vasia Hatzi stands between two different worlds: Science and Art.

She holds a BSc in Genetics (University of Liverpool, UK), an MSc in Applied Genetics & Biotechnology (Aristotle University of Athens, Greece) and a PhD in Cytogenetics (Medical School, University of Athens, Greece). Currently she is a Biologist at Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Athens-Greece. Her research interests are focused towards the cellular world under the microscope, the effects of chemicals and radiation exposures and the mechanisms of chromosomal damage and carcinogenesis. For her scientific work she has been nominated with 2 scholarships and 3 awards for presentations in international scientific conferences. Co-author of 42 peer reviewed publications, 4 book chapters, 70 presentations and abstracts in European and International Conferences, and translator of one book (400 pp) of Genetics.

Outside the scientific laboratory she passionately explores the intersection of biomedical sciences and artsdesign and technology. Combining her knowledge from the field of Cytogenetics with imagination and aiming to communicate her science through a different path, during 2012 she created LaB. Bio-Conceptual Creations: the hybrid world of Biology and Art, where cellular structures of the microcosm are transformed into wearable bio-conceptual creations.

Willing to explore the interface between bio-medical sciences and arts, connect the bio/med-inspired artists from all around the world and globalise the medical art movement, she has inspired and created MEDinART ( a global platform that links bio-medical sciences with technology and arts and features the work of 190 artists, from more that 30 countries, that are inspired by all the aspects of biomedical sciences. MEDinART is an independent project that was launched at the main stage of TEDMEDLive Athens 2013 and since then it is constantly expanding promoting the bio-medical inspired art movement in international events, conferences, exhibitions, social media, interviews and articles in newspapers/magazines.

Vasia Hatzi, has received the Science Communication Award «ΕΠΙ», in the category “Science Communication through Performing and Visual Arts”. (Event: Researcher’s Night 2019. Place: Hellenic Cultural Center, Athens-Greece, 27.09.19. Organizers: SciCo)

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